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Flow Wireframe Kit

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Flow helps designers create beatiful designs, faster.

Flow is a collection of pixel-perfect, seamlessly-fitting, ready-made layouts for desktop which helps designers create beatiful designs, faster.

Flow Wireframe Kit

- 455 light-themed web blocks

- 455 dark-themed web blocks

- 19 categories

- 789 components

- 16 templates

- Auto layouts

- Variants in every component

- All future updates

Variants, variants everywhere

Flow uses variants in every components

Figma component system evolved with variants and Flow adopted those variants in every one of its components. Buttons, icons and every element is variant-ed and you can choose every element with just one click. Flow uses instances for its icons and selectors, as well.

Auto layouts on every frame

Responsive in every way

Even if Flow is designed with Bootstrap in mind, every group of elements uses constraints and auto layouts. That way, you can scale every layout with confidence and the designs will respond to that.

Based on Bootstrap

Industry standard in grid designs

Flow has web layouts for now but its product roadmap has tablet and mobile layouts in the near future. There is good news, you do’t have to wait for that. Everything is ready if you want to make your designs mobile or tablet-ready. We got you covered. 

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Create effective prototypes and web sites in a few minutes with the huge package of wireframe components for Figma.

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Flow Wireframe Kit

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